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                     1 Cup water 1 Cup of Glue (mix

                               together solution 1) add any color

                              then 4 Tbls Borax and

                             1 1/13 Cup warm water

                           (mix together solution 2 )

                           Then mix solution 1 & 2

You can now order from 

Scholastic Reading Club on line! 

Ordering on line is quick, easy and convenient. Shop the flyer's that you 
receive in your child’s mailbox AND additional on line catalogs available 
exclusively on line. Search for specific titles, and browse 
recommendations for interests, reading level and current events. Each 
order placed on line earns points toward books and educational 
materials for Kid Logic’s classrooms. 

 Follow these steps to get started today!! 

. Go to https://clubs2.scholastic.com 
. Click the Get Started link under Parents 
. Click the Register Now link to create a new account 
. Complete the parent registration, when asked to link your child to 
their teacher, enter the code “MFQPY” to link them to Ms. Crystal 
and Kid Logic Learning 

Sept Order due by 30th
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