Snack Offerings

In the Kitchen

At Kid logic Learning we strive to provide children with healthy life choices including nutritional values.  Morning and Afternoon snack is provided for all children at a cost of $2.00 per day of attendance.  This excludes infants who are strictly breast or formula fed.

Please be sure to place your child’s lunch in the appropriate refrigerator.  We recognize the importance of healthy eating habits for young children, and so encourage families to provide snacks and lunches for their children that have appropriate serving sizes and high nutritional value.  The USDA/Child and Adult Care Food Program recommends milk, meat or meat alternative (i.e. eggs, cheese, yogurt), fruit or vegetables, and whole grains.  However, we also recognize that it is up to each family to determine the foods they wish to provide for their children. Please include a Protein, Fruit or Vegetable, and Whole grain options.  Due to the time it takes to prepare, DO NOT PROVIDE Mac & Cheese microwave containers, Chef Boyardee microwave containers, or Ramen noodles.  Juice and candy are not allowed.

We will not serve foods that are comprised mainly of sugar or additives.  Thus, we won’t serve items like cake, candy, brownies, cookies, obvious dessert items, etc.  We also don’t serve juice.  Per licensing regulations food that families provide must align with the USDA food standards and meal pattern guidelines (detailed information can be found here:

Due to safety reasons, we do not serve beverages or food in glass containers. You may send items in plastic, metal, or cloth bags and containers.

Parents/guardians of infants need to send in enough bottles or materials (milk or formula) for the day and food if needed.  Please consult with your child’s teacher for guidelines on how to prepare food to minimize choking hazards.  Raw carrots and peas, hard pretzels, nuts, popcorn, whole grapes, and uncut hot dogs will not be served to children under 4 years of age (per NAEYC  regulations).  Food must be sent in ready to eat or requiring only heating in a microwave.

Please label everything—many children have the same cups/containers!

Literacy lunch is offered as another opportunity to share a story, read or listen to a book on CD, and to create teachable meaningful moments between children and teachers!  Children are asked to help clean up their lunch, encouraging responsibility and independent skills through composting, recycling, and dirty dish sorting.

Food Allergies or Special Nutrition Needs

Kid Logic is not a peanut free school; however, we do honor allergies as a serious or life threatening situation. Our process is to have families complete an Allergy Action Plan and provide teachers with this information.  A child with a food related allergy will be provided a separate table during all meal times and seated with others who have foods void of any allergic concerns.  Allergies to foods or special nutritional needs are posted clearly in the classroom and kitchen, in all classroom binder, and also on your family forms. We will carefully prepare all snacks to make sure we can offer a safe alternative for your child.  Please discuss Allergy Action plan with Director and teaching team.

Helpful Information

Vermont State Childcare Regulations – Section 5

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