Our Mission & Philosophy


To honor children and families for who they are and the strengths they already possess, in an environment that empowers them to learn, discover, and become their best selves.


We believe honoring children’s learning through our play-based, emergent curriculum is set up to promote all areas of development based on the age of the group and the individual needs of each child. Teachers facilitate the child’s learning, and they provide experiences to give children the opportunity to dig deeper and construct further knowledge.

We believe that learning is a lifelong process. Our goal at Kid Logic Learning is to teach children how to learn and how to use their current skills as building blocks for future learning opportunities. We allow children to experience natural consequences and use life experiences as teaching moments.

We believe that nature is the connection to our senses. We see our surrounding outdoor areas as outdoor classrooms;  they provide children with many learning opportunities that we cannot replicate indoors.

We share in the same values, beliefs and passions to create and sustain environments that are safe and nurturing, and they remain flexible enough for children to be valued, noticed, and supported. Our students need to feel secure in their environment in order to thrive. With all of us working together towards a common goal, your children will experience meaningful relationships, unparalleled early care and education in a positive high-quality learning environment that intentionally meets their individual needs.

We value  promoting self-care and well-being for children, and we know that we must practice it ourselves.  Our strategic plan centers around building ways that teachers and team members can practice self-care and live in a place of wellness.  It is only through this commitment to our teachers that they can fulfill their commitment to your children and to you.