Employment at Kid Logic

Employment Opportunities at Kid Logic Learning

Kid Logic Learning in South Burlington is seeking Early Childhood Educators!

Positions Available:

  • Float Educator (varying ages)
  • Lead Toddler Educator
  • Lead Preschool Educator (3’s, 4’s, & 5 year olds)
  • Preschool Assistant Educator (3’s, 4’s & 5 year olds)

As an Early Childhood Educator working with young children, you would have the amazing opportunity to care for children’s unique set of needs by identifying their temperaments and creating a loving environment that honors each child and their development. Working collaboratively with other colleagues, together you will provide enriching and nurturing learning experiences for these young children as you build strong and positive relationships with them and their families. Using Emergent Curriculum strategies and inspirations of Reggio Emilia practices, your observations of children’s play will guide you as you create and implement an ever-evolving curriculum that is guided by the interests and discoveries of children to expand their learning. Training and support will be provided.

Please inquire how you can join our team so we can work together enriching children’s lives and becoming leaders in our growing field! We look forward to hearing from you!

Please email cover letter and resume to Crystal@kidlogiclearning.com, and alyssa@kidlogiclearning.com

Kid Logic Learning is a 5 STAR child care program in South Burlington working towards NAEYC accreditation. We believe in high quality care and education for young children. We honor the value of play and following an Emergent curriculum style with the belief that children are the leaders of their own learning. By creating a supportive and calming environment inspired by the needs and cues of children, we aspire to follow their organic and intrinsic ideas and discoveries to guide our curriculum planning. We strongly believe in positive communication among all teachers, families, and children in effort to work collaboratively towards mutual goals of growth and development. Please contact us if you share in our value to offer all children and families the highest quality care and enrichment opportunities.

Kid Logic Learning offers competitive pay and benefits that include health insurance (medical, dental, vision), paid holiday time, a healthy paid-time off package, connection with a valued and trusted Retirement planner, discount of childcare tuition, and opportunities for paid professional development and continued education.

Here, you will also have the opportunity to work in a compassionate and professional environment where you can grow and lead in the Early Childhood field. You can be an integral part of children’s early learning experiences while working and learning alongside other dedicated professionals who also strive to offer high quality care for young children. Come work with us as we build positive relationships with children, grow our school community, support parent and family needs, and guide children’s growth and development!


  • Associates or higher in EC or related field *Bachelor’s Degree preferred* OR Completion of Apprenticeship Program, OR At least 21 approved credits with EC focus.
  • At least 1 year of related experience.


  • Preference give to candidates who have completed CDA, OR completed Fundamentals for Early Childhood Professionals course, OR 3 college credits in related course.
  • Willingness to enroll in Fundamentals and/or related college courses within the first 12 months of employment.


  • Supporting the physical, cognitive, and social-emotional growth and development of children ages 6 weeks to 5 years of age by modeling positive language skills, guiding positive peer play, and offering support during problem-solving experiences.
  • Classroom assignment will be based on experience and interest of the hired candidate.
  • Using formal observation systems, such as Teaching Strategies Gold, to document children’s physical, cognitive and social-emotional growth and development.
  • Using observations to inform and guide curriculum planning. Training and support provided.
  • Developing an Emergent curriculum that honors the interests presented by the children by observing their play, reactions, questions and curiosities with materials and peers, and creating provocations that extend and build upon their ideas. Training and support provided.


  • All educators must have a willingness to adapt to school wide needs. Educators may be utilized in other capacities to support overall program functionality, such as cleaning areas of the school and/or providing teacher coverage in other classrooms for breaks/planning/absence purposes.
  • Willingness to engage with children at their level, and use positive language and discipline strategies. Training will be provided.
  • Willingness to continue education and professional development within the field.
  • Dependable, adaptable, and flexible with schedules and needs.
  • Open to mentoring opportunities and constructive feedback, and open minded to hearing other perspectives in effort to problem-solve collectively in a positive and compassionate manner.
  • Hold oneself accountable for actions and practice self-reflection skills.