Play Spaces

Outdoor Play & Risk Policy

Children are offered extended time for learning and exploration outdoors at least twice a day every day, unless not permitted due to weather conditions. Appropriate regulatory conditions for outdoor risk play is offered with supervision. Children may climb, jump, run, challenge their bodies to develop a sense of self and and body awareness. Teachers will not support a child to complete a skill with assistance but will be present for guidance and safety. Please provide your child with appropriate clothing every day for the weather. Most of Spring, Summer and fall early mornings we arrival may be outside as well as the end of the day pick up. Dressing in layers are appropriate for outdoors. Closed-toed shoes are required in all spaces of our school- Inside and out. Sneakers are best for the playground and offer the support your child needs while in active play. We believe play can get dirty and wet therefore two sets of clothing for changing should always be available to your child in their cubby, as we do get dirty, wet, or in case of emergency. Please consider rain boots and coats during these change of seasons. Children will be offered the opportunity to explore outdoors in wet, warm and cold elements.

Studio Play

All classrooms follow a scheduled time for studio use. Each group can enjoy enrichment programs or open-themed play. The Studio will offer obstacle courses, dramatic play, and music activities at all age appropriate levels. The Studio will also host Kid Logic events, workshops for teachers, parents and the community as well as exercise programs after closing. Please provide a helmet for ages Two years and up so we may start our bike riding!

Rock wall Rules: Must wear helmet, have teacher or parent supervision on mat, mats in place, 3 friends only.