Infant Classrooms

Overarching Concept: Knowing Yourself

Our infant and ones classrooms provide high quality care to children ages 6 weeks to 30 months of age. In these spaces, exploration is planned, guided, and promoted through play so that teachers can incorporate an Emergent Curriculum that follows the interests and investigations presented by children.

Kid Logic Learning offers unique programming to fit all children’s needs, interests, and stages of development.
In a unique setting of individual classrooms, these programs focus on nurturing, developing routines, building a foundation for positive language, and social and emotional development.  In addition, our focus is to engage with learners as they navigate through their daily interactions, play and peek interest of curiosity and wonder.

Infants | Seedlings

This classroom offers a 1 to 4 or 2 to 8 child/teacher ratio in our infant room. We are focused on providing the quality of care required to support the growth and development of each child. Through observations teachers work to meet each child’s interest and needs. The teacher identifies the child’s unique needs by learning through each parent relationship, an understanding of cues through  interactions while creating a meaningful relationship with each child. This teacher’s role is vital in care-taking, communication, connection, love and nurturing in a safe and healthy environment that ensures exploring through their use of the 5 senses. Teachers start sign language as a form of communication while building upon language and social/emotional skills. As large motor skills develop, older infants have opportunities to play and practice  in our mobile play space appropriate for their growth to support the skills of balancing, climbing and walking. These groups enjoy walks, outdoor play, sensory exploration, music and literacy.

One’s Room | Sprouts

This classroom offers a 1 to 4 child/teacher ratio that supports 2 teachers with 8 children. The teacher’s role is to support the development need and growth at this exciting stage in life through meaningful relationships. We are starting to clearly  understand the temperaments of each child as they offer communication for needs and wants, interactions with each other and observations through play as they grow. Teachers work with parents closely to ensure the introduction of new foods, milk, sleep patterns and any changes in each child’s schedule that may occur. Teachers offer an environment that supports the interest  how and things work,

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A Typical Day

Each classroom will share their unique schedule witch will include enrichments such as Art, Music and Studio.
Arrival and Explore
Snack & Explore
Morning Meeting/Movement
Offered Small Group/Explore
Literacy Lunch
Snack & Explore

*All schedules subject to change to meet the needs of children