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Foresters & Evergreens Camps

The Evergreen group is the graduating Pre-k class of that particular summer (5 years or turning that summer) and 6 year olds. This camp will experience a connected curriculum with the Forester group; however, they will be a separated for age-appropriate summer play and learning. This group will be hosted in Hemlock room for summer.

The Foresters group is made up of returning Kindergarten children turning 7 to those who are 9 years old. This is a separate group to ensure appropriate summer play and learning. This group is hosted in our studio forest.

Our Curriculum experiences for these two groups will focus on S.T.E.A.M. (SCIENCE-TECHNOLOGY-ENGINEERING-ART-MATH) How do we incorporate these experiences to support our communities, hands on learning and enrichment opportunities.

These age groups include children ages 6 to 9 years old

Please register your child for fall and summer sessions separately. We also offer Feb/April school-age vacation camp! These groups are arranged based on a 2 to 15 teacher/child ratio. Both these groups will venture out of our program sites and will need permission to do so.

This program offers hands on experiences that focus in areas of Science, Nature, Art, Positive Team Building Skills and Extra Enrichment Activities.  Exploration is planned, guided, and promoted through play so that teachers can incorporate an Emergent Curriculum that follows the interests and investigations presented, shared and discussed by children. Some areas of interest with follow journaling, researching, sustainability, community partners, engineering and building.

To better assist our community during Covid-19 school disruptions, we are offering a full-time, Monday-Friday, 1st-3rd grade program. The program is led by a fully accredited primary and special education school teacher, Ms. Carmen.
The program focuses on creating a supportive learning environment that supports school work from the district for each individual child while offering a balance of play through art, physical movement, cooking, and outdoor exploration! Kid Logic Learning will also incorporate our practice of the emergent theory approach that links curriculum to interest, the child profile and leads each child to the path of positive empowerment. The program is currently being offered at the Kid Logic location located at 72 Ethan Allen Dr, location in South Burlington.

A typical day in the school age classroom

Arrival, exploration, open snack : 7:30 – 9:00
Children arrive in the morning and settle in to meet what need they have in the morning through offering an open classroom environment. If it is reading they enjoy, there are areas available, if breakfast or snack is a need, it is open for them to care for themselves. There are opportunities open to play or be social as well.

School work, flow of the day : Starts at 9:00
This group identifies their individual daily schedule determined on school work support time, exploration, literacy, outdoor, meal time, small group activities and art.

Cooking in the Kitchen :
Weekly cooking experiments in the kitchen for children that are interested.

Small group/explore :
This is offered through an emergent interest each day

Lunch : Between times of 12:00 and 1:00
Studio/Outside :

This group may choose to bring much of the day of learning outside or have planned play and exploration outside. The group may also use the studio for cooperative and physical activities each day.

Experiencing intentional Art opportunities with Ms. Kate Outside play : Between 1:30 and 3:00.

Literacy group time:
This group will share in reading a book together, reflect and have dialog around. The topic will be of interest to the group and may all take part in extended activities that connect to the meaning of the story.

Snack :
Open in the afternoon for their self serve when feeling hungry during 3:00 and 4:00.

Ms. Carmen is very eager to share her experience and excited to work with students one on one to make sure all students get all the academic support that they may need.
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