Our Commitment

At Kid Logic Learning we strive to offer children the most valuable experiences that are firmly rooted in the development of relationships, the environment and curriculum.

Our focus is based on developmentally appropriate foundations that align with Vermont Early Learning Standards (VELS) and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) standards. Curriculum is designed to support the standards of high-quality early care and education. Our practice is based in Emergent Curriculum, a way of designing curriculum that is initiated by the children’s interests and passions with the teacher’s role as that of facilitator and co-researcher. It is also Reggio-Emilia inspired, which focuses on learning that is student-centered and sees the child as capable and whole, while being firmly grounded in forming deep and meaningful connections and relationships. Children thrive and learn best when their interests are nurtured and respected; it is through the combining of these two approaches that learning occurs naturally and with joy.

Our teachers at Kid Logic Learning use these two curriculum approaches in conjunction with the Vermont Early Learning Standards (VELS) to ensure core areas of learning are represented: Social & Emotional Development, Language, Literacy & Communication, Creative Expression, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, and Physical Health Development. Using these domains of development, we foster children’s learning and development as seen through teacher documentation that incorporates knowledge of each individual child. To accomplish this, our teachers participate in intentional planning that supports the students and the classrooms in effective use of time, materials, and self-initiated learning. Following daily schedules, teachers offer opportunities in a classroom and outdoor setting for children to learn individually as well as in groups according to their developmental needs and interests.

Kid Logic Learning supports the special needs of children as well; this is integrated into our classrooms as well as utilizing other areas of the school as needed for specific supports. Additional service providers are always welcome and attend an orientation with our program to understand state regulations, safety policies, and philosophy of honoring children through our language, practices, and attitudes.